Learning Games

Poke - Tap & Learn

For 1-3 yr olds

An engaging game where the kids poke the fish to collect maximum points. The fun is how the variety, number, swim patterns change with each level making it harder to tap fishes. With dozens of characters and themes to choose from, you could encounter different fishes everytime you play.

With swimming fishes around and other static objects in the background, this game helps kids track the swimming fishes and coordinate their taps accordingly. The game focusses on:

  • Developing hand-eye coordination
  • Differentiating between moving and still objects
  • Understanding the vivid variety of sea animals

Drag 'n' Create

For 3-6 yr olds

Coming Soon

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Our Approach

Kids at young age learn much faster than adults, and their experiences shape their developing brain at this age. Exposing them to right ideas at the right age can accelerate this learning and make it a fun experience.
According to research, a child can track moving objects by 10 months. If for each major development cycle, we could make learning faster by focussing on the right age-appropriate skills, the child retain much more. That's why we developed Poke, a suite of games which is there with your kid at every step in their learning. We wish to make learning fun by introducing game component to increase engagement, teach similar concepts again and again to build them.


Innovative learning by developing learning games for small and simple concepts required during early developmental stages.


Focussing on same concept and making kids go through similar ideas helps in higher retention of concepts and helps storing these ideas in muscle memory.


Consistency in game design to make games intuitive, easier to learn. Game design with no popups and only relevant graphics to make kids focus on the right things.


Games to continuously support learning at each age. Segmented for each age group according to concepts kids can easily master and implement.

Our Projects

Different features of the game.

Our Story

Learn | Build | Repeat


We designed our games by researching over what's best for kids to learn at every age and how can we improve the current processes.

  • This research examines association between touchscreen usage and attainment of developmental milestones, and has shown significant association between age of first touchscreen usage being related to fine motor milestone achievement. This research is a part of a bigger research project, TABLET which studies how early exposure to devices influences children explained here.
  • Digital Game based learning for understanding current challenges in designing developmentally appropriate games. This study highlights the cognitive skill, psychomotor and emotional development cycle of kids and associates it with content areas suitable for games.
  • Research sourced from Medline Plus summarizes physical and mental development milestones for growing kids. This explains what kids should be able to achieve at different ages, and understanding signs which indicate delay in development. It details how skill development of kids is mostly foccussed around gross motor skills [walking], fine motor skills [drawing], sensory, language and social and how each of these skills are mastered over time. Indulging in simple activities, games can help understand how kids are developing.


Video that explains the Poke gameplay.

Demo video that explains Poke.

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